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Revolutionizing Candy Companies: Egan Food Technologies

Team of Egan Food Technologies employees standing on the factory floor

Egan Food Technologies is helping candy, baked goods and snack companies update their equipment. This helps companies stay competitive. Egan champions local supply chains and new ideas. They build networks of suppliers and customers in West Michigan.

Egan Food Technologies started in 2009 as a sister company to Andy Egan. Andy Egan is a big mechanical contractor. Egan Food Technologies was started by passionate professionals. They saw a gap in the market when their old company stopped its candy equipment division.

Mike Sherd, Managing Partner at Egan Food Technologies, is proud of their journey. "From the beginning, we've focused on delivering top equipment that meets our customers' changing needs," he said. "We've been dedicated to engineering excellence."

The company has grown from two people to several dozen. "Working with Andy Egan means most administration is handled. Our team can focus on understanding customers and engineering good solutions," Sherd said.

Meeting customer needs came from working with Grand Valley State University (GVSU) engineering students. Trouble during Covid showed a need for change. This new equipment needs less customization but meets customer needs.

Conveyor belt designed by Egan Food Technologies
Egan Food Technologies Conveyor Belt

A student project by GVSU engineers resulted in a piece of equipment ready for market. This success showed Egan's commitment to local talent. It also led to two students being hired, setting an example for the company's future.

Egan's focus on being a local equipment supplier has many benefits. Sherd said, "By manufacturing in-house, we ensure quality and convenience for customers. Why rely on others when excellence is close to home?"

Staying close to home means being more efficient. It allows a joint effort with other Egan companies. This provides total food processing solutions. Other local Egan suppliers include Helix CNC, Kimbow, Inc., and Impact Fab, Inc.

Egan's main products remain steady – equipment for candy bars, granola bars and sweets. Sherd said, "Our equipment not only solves labor shortages but also improves manufacturing. This transition lets workers move into other roles." Local companies like The Gluten Free Brothers and Roskam Baking use Egan equipment.

As Egan Food Technologies keeps changing, their new ideas stay strong. From Grand Rapids, Egan creates a future of excellence. And they make it in the USA.


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