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2024 event dates will be published soon. Stay tuned to this site and the Agribusiness Talent Council newsletter to learn more.

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Help create the NEXT GENERATION of agribusiness leaders!

Showcase careers in agribusiness - area students and community members will learn: 

• One in five people in Michigan work in agribusiness. 

• Over 100,000 people in West Michigan work in agribusiness. 

• Agribusiness contributes over $1.6 billion each year to West Michigan’s economy. 

• Agribusiness in our region accounts for more than $300 million in labor income annually.

• Many agribusiness career opportunities do not require a four-year degree. 

Career AG-xploration is your chance to:

 Teach about food grown and processed in West Michigan.

 Meet Career AG-xplorers - area students and families ready to learn about farmers and food processors in their community.

 Create a hands-on activity related to industry careers. 

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Can’t attend in person?

Explore agribusiness careers online at: or

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