Wheat Field



Join us to help develop a diverse and skilled workforce to meet West Michigan's Agribusiness talent needs.



We work with employers and community partners to encourage careers in agribusiness.


The goal of this project is to get involved in schools K-12 and post-secondary to promote the industry, develop curriculum and give students a chance to explore Agribusiness as a viable career option. This will include co-op opportunities, job shadowing, school events/presentations and much more.


MiCareerQuest is an innovative, experiential, one-day career event that was developed in response to employers’ need for future talent in agribusiness, construction, health care, information technology and Manufacturing.

The Agribusiness Talent Council will have at least one joint exhibit, with a goal to have a larger footprint on the event in the future.

Learn more here – micareerquest.org.



We work to address common industry training needs and to develop leadership with the agribusiness industry.


This project focuses on determining the most critical competencies needed to be successful in a job in the industry, using subject matter experts in the field. The results are shared with employers to assist in recruitment and turnover, and also to local training providers and educators, to gain better understanding of what is most important to train their students in who plan to work in the Industry.


This project is exploring various training options to address the common need of  better trained first line supervisors. In this industry, many managers and leaders do not possess the critical leadership skills to effectively manage their teams, leading to turnover and production challenges. We are identifying existing options provided by local trainers, as well as working with training providers to design a custom leadership course specific to agribusiness.



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