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March is National AGRIBUSINESS Month

West Michigan Works! is shining a light on West Michigan’s high-demand industries. Throughout the month of March, we will be hosting a number of events to attract students to careers in agribusiness, including our Spotlight on Ag Readers which targets K-5 grades. Employers and job seekers, join us on March 5th from 9 am- 1 pm for Ag-Job-4-All, our industry focused job fair held at West Michigan Works SE location.


The month will feature social media posts with agribusiness employers from around the region showcasing careers in the industry, newspaper articles with stories and stats on the importance agribusiness to our local economy and videos focused on the industry in West Michigan. This is a great opportunity to celebrate great careers and opportunities in agribusiness. 


  • Agribusiness contributes over $1.6 billion annually to our regional economy. 

  • Over 26,000 people work in agribusiness – that’s one in five people in our region. 

  • Agribusiness accounts for more than $300 million in labor income. 

  • West Michigan produces over 1/3 of Michigan’s total agricultural sales. 


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