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The Ag-Jobs-4-All Job Fair is a quarterly job fair featuring agribusiness employers from across the West Michigan area. 

Next Job Fair:

March 5, 2024
121 M.L.K. Jr St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Job seekers- this fair is a great opportunity to find employers and join the agricultural industry. This fair will include employers of choice seeking candidates from opportunity populations, including veterans, returning citizens, people with disabilities and refugees. 

Employers- register today to connect with job seekers in your region.

Why Inclusive Hiring?


“Reaching people who are not working is vital in addressing the labor shortage. These include people with disadvantaged backgrounds, veterans, people with mental or physical health challenges, people with a criminal or substance abuse history, and recent retirees and caregivers. Recruiting tactics that simply shuffle employees from one company to another or employ people on unemployment do not solve the problem employers face.” EMSI – Demographic Drought 


  1. One in four people have a disability. 

  2. One in three people have some sort of criminal conviction on their record.  

  3. Veterans who recently left the military have higher unemployment than their nonveteran peers. 

  4. West Michigan is home to a population of over 25,000 refugees.

  5. More than half of the people who left the workforce since 2020 are over 55 years old. 


The Agribusiness Talent Council has partnered with community and state organizations that serve these opportunity populations. We hold quarterly job fairs featuring agribusiness employers from across the West Michigan area who are seeking candidates from opportunity populations. The job fairs are open to all job seekers. 


Resources to Support Hiring Opportunity Populations 


Community Partner Links: 


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