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MDARD Specialty Crop Block Grant 

The Agribusiness Talent Council works to address common industry training needs and develop leadership within the agribusiness industry. To meet this goal, we are coordinating MDARD Specialty Crop Bock Grant (SCBG) Training funds for food safety and leadership.  


Eligible growers must be in West Michigan Works!’ seven county region and grow crops on MDARD’s defined list of eligible specialty crop commodities. 


Pre-approved food safety trainings through Michigan State University/Extension include:  

  • GAP/Group Gap 


  • HACCP 

  • Produce Safety Alliance Grower 

  • Global Food Safety Initiative SQF 

Pre-approved leadership training through Frontline Training includes:  

  • Supervisor Bootcamp 


Complete the MDARD SCBG Application and return it by the 10th of the month before your training takes place to be considered for reimbursement.  


If your application is approved, you must sign a grant agreement, provide your W-9 and proof of workman’s comp and liability insurance before the training starts.  


Email the application or questions to Karrie Brown, Agribusiness Talent Council Lead at

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