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We are excited to be partnering with Right Management to offer Leadership Development, a training program customized for Agribusiness!



This leadership development series will include six two-hour webinars, one every other week, with topics focused on capabilities required for being an effective manager. At the end of each webinar there will be action items to be completed prior to the next webinar. Each participant will track actions / assignments on a personalized development plan, to be updated each week. Each webinar will begin with updates from participants on their practice with additional feedback and coaching provided before introducing the next topic.  The series will end with a final closing session to provide coaching and feedback, update development plans, and discuss accountability for sustained success with new management skills.​

Cost: $915 per person, however grant funds are available to cover the cost (more information below).​

The webinar series will begin on January 11, 2021. The webinar schedule includes:​​

·       Kick-off session: Introduction, program objectives, format and pre-work.

·       Session 1: Creating a positive team culture

·       Session 2: Communication skills for managers

·       Session 3: Transforming conflict into collaboration

·       Session 4: Feedback and coaching in the digital economy

·       Session 5: Problem-solving for managers

·       Session 6: Motivation of leaders

·       Closing session: Final coaching and feedback, update development plans and          accountability for sustained success as a manager.​

Grant funding is available. To utilize grant funds, each participating employee will need to provide: up to date identification, social security card, proof of Selective Service registration (if applicable), proof of hire date, and a completed WIOA registration packet (separate).

Each participant will receive an electronic program guide to use throughout the series, which will include learning models, job aids, reflection questions, and action items. During each session, topics will be discussed from the perspective of experienced managers. Activities and discussion will focus on how to apply the skills in real world situations, with opportunities to practice with current examples and receive feedback and coaching.

Upon program completion, each manager will leave with an individual action plan for applying skills developed throughout the training. This will ensure accountability for long term behavior change and application of skills in daily leadership situations.​

Registration is open until 5pm on December 11, 2020


Are you interested in signing up some of your team members for the Leadership Development training program? Click the "register" button below to sign up now. Please register by 5pm on December 11, 2020. 



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