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  • Carol Distel

GTF Technologies is Trailblazing Sustainable Innovation with RENU™

GTF Technologies

In the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan, a revolutionary start-up took root in 2015, aiming to reshape the landscape of food processing through sustainable innovation. Since then, GTF Technologies has evolved into an industry trailblazer.

GTF started by processing cherries in Northern Michigan. According to Founder and President Gary Schuler, “during the initial stages of development, we gained valuable insights and embraced a continuous improvement mindset, fostering research and development, swift adaptations and perpetual learning to design the best product for our customers.”

GTF Technologies

Today, the company boasts a dedicated team of eight full-time employees working toward nourishing people, reducing waste and improving the planet.

At the core of GFT’s success lies its groundbreaking RENU™ Drying and Milling system. This technology designed by GTF dries and micronizes raw materials within seconds without resorting to natural gas, extreme temperatures or any solvents or additives. The resulting product is a nutrient-enriched powder. Currently, the focus is on processing fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and more.

Although the system can be used for vitamins, supplements, beverages and sports drinks, food ingredients, pet food and biofertilizers. Sustainability is a cornerstone for GTF. Their RENU™ system extracts up to 99% moisture resulting in extended shelf life. GTF’s technology helps companies be more environmentally responsible by transforming waste into a valuable food ingredient and in turn, reducing their carbon footprint and creating a new revenue stream.

GTF Technologies

Community engagement and giving back are also pillars of the organization. Not only does GTF connect growers and food processors to companies interested in their milled powders, but they also connect with students to educate them on the importance of agriculture and sustainability.

They've also initiated their own 501c3 organization, Gleaning the Fields, collaborating with Non-Governmental Organizations and other charitable entities to distribute GTF-milled powders directly to those in need. Additionally, they contribute a portion of their top-line revenue to support these philanthropic efforts.

With interest pouring in from other agricultural focused states like California, GTF envisions expanding its processing centers nationwide. By doing so the company aims to provide services to growers and processors seeking to enhance their bottom line, enter the powder market and reduce farm waste.


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